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Amazon Advertising / PPC

Making Your Great Business – Greater


Amazon advertising is one of the leading ways that help you create your brand awareness in the market. PPC is a model of digital advertising that is used across a wide range of internet platforms. It helps your brand reach new customers and guarantees a consistent traffic flow for your brand’s site. Traditionally, amazon advertising includes sponsored products, sponsored brands, display ads, and video ads. Running the PPC campaigns on Amazon help improve exposure to the listing & increase the visibility of the product listings. It boosts conversion rate and brings in traffic, eventually maintaining the ranking. 

The dedicated team of experts at WorthITSolutions helps you analyze the running campaigns and create new ones. We work from the basics and follow a complete process of maintaining a proper record of the work that is done and the results that are obvious.


The PPC Services

PPC Specialist Support

A specialist is assigned to audit the previously running campaigns and analyze the marketplace for further strategies.

Creation of Amazon Ads

The team builds upon the devised strategy by specialists to create different PPC campaigns for amazon ads.

Master Keyword Research

Analyzing competitors and the market, the experts conduct in-depth keyword research by using different latest tools.

Negative Targeting

The running campaigns are evaluated and the keyword that is not performing as per expectation is excluded in the process.

Strategic Campaign Set-Up

The PPC specialist plans and designs campaigns for the different kinds of ads and gets them executed by the team.

Strategic Bid Optimization

Bid optimization tends to be a great challenge when doing PPC. Therefore a strategic bid optimization plan is generated to control spending.

24/7 Real-Time Optimization of Auto-Campaigns

Auto-campaigns help to look into different helpful keywords but our team manages to optimize it in real-times for negative targeting and bid control.

Access to Algorithm-Based Optimization Tools

We use a mix of multiple AI tools and our experts’ experience to achieve the optimum bid structure to reach our goals.

Monthly Reporting of Analytics

Given all the insights on the spent and sale, we aim to keep our clients aware of all the activity taking place on their accounts.

Why Choose Us



We analyze the current market plans and derive strategies accordingly.


Preliminary Report

Our data analyst prepare a complete report after analysis.



Multiple tailored campaigns are created for testing purposes.


Campaign Optimization

We use gathered data to optimize campaigns and deliver lower ACoS.


Performance Review

Bi-monthly call reports are delivered for client satisfaction.