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Our Services

Have your digital or physical products being copied and getting sold by others on E-commerce websites?

Relax! We can get the infringing listings removed.

Did you write a book, story, article or any sort of text and someone copied or plagiarised it?

Don’t Worry! We can save your rights by using our Takedown procedure.

Got your Audio, tune or recording stolen? Did someone upload your content without your permission?

Keep Calm! We will take it down for you.

Did someone copy your animation, documentary or a movie and displayed it somewhere for his benefit?

Fear Not! We have expertise in Taking down the infringing content.

Did someone steal your Images and processing, displaying and distributing them over the web?

Don’t Worry! We can get your stolen Images removed.

Our Process


We start by searching for all the websites which are stealing and using your content, through all the web search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex, etc.).

Web Search Removal

We de-index (remove) infringing websites’ search results from the search engines.

Preparing and Sending DMCA Takedown Notice

We prepare and send takedown notices directly to the infringing website and get in touch with the hosting provider of the website.

Dmca Takedown on social media platforms and video sharing websites

We also takedown stolen content from social media platforms and video sharing websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Daily motion, VK, OK, Youku, Vimeo, Google-drive, Archive.org, 4shared, MediaFire, NitroFlare etc.

Keeping Track

We keep track of the progress and we keep doing a complete followup till the content is taken down.
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Why Worth It?

Our DMCA TAKEDOWN success rate is 100%. We leave no stones unturned in protecting your content.

We do all the steps such as:

Pulling out the infringing/stolen content Urls.
Preparing and sending the takedown notices.
Keeping track of every notice.
Doing a complete followup to stop the illegal use of your content by the infringing party in future.

Moreover, we are committed to providing customer satisfaction. We make sure that our client is up to date about the work progress and is able to get a complete follow-up regularly.

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